How Dermatend Removed My Skin Tag When All Other Products Failed!

What I hated most about my skin tag was where it was located and that is why I turned to Dermatend to help me out. I was finding that I wasn’t going out as often and was getting terribly embarrassed about my looks. It seemed as though the more products I tried the bigger the skin tag would get and in the end my frustrations were running at an all-time high.

The never-ending skin tag on my neck

My skin tag was jutting out from my neck at a 90° angle. It kept growing and growing until one day it started to become painful. I had to constantly pull up the collar on my shirts when I was at work so that my co-workers wouldn’t be constantly looking at it. Even though people tried to make eye contact with me, I could see them glancing at my neck! By the time I got home I had to change into something comfortable because the constant rubbing of the clothing against the tag was irritating and painful.

To be truthful, I was skeptical about the Dermatend reviews!

I was at my wit’s end until I started to read one Dermatend review after another. At this point, I had already tried different ways to reduce the skin tag but apparently I had one that was stubborn. Some of the remedies and home treatments for skin tags that I tried are listed below along with the reactions I had to them:

Tying the skin tag with a string - This method didn’t work for me. I found it too painful and couldn’t focus on my activities when I was at work. I really don’t know how people can stand doing this either! I found it extremely disgusting! Dermatend was so much easier!

Tea tree oil - I can’t say that this wouldn’t have worked if I had stuck with it longer but after 2 weeks I gave up on it. Really, I didn’t have a lot of hope when I saw that 2 weeks later the tag was still showing and there were no results visible.

Cutting it off - Quite honestly, I did take the scissors out of the drawer but I just couldn’t do it. I had heard that you could get an infection this way but I was willing to try it until I had the scissors in hand. Then I had abandoned the idea – quickly!

Over-the-counter ointment – I went to my local drugstore even after I had read the Dermatend reviews. I thought that maybe I could find an over-the-counter liquid or cream that would work just as well at my pharmacy. I purchased the most expensive one available and applied it as directed. Unfortunately, even though I was careful with the application, my skin broke out in a hideous rash right around the skin tag. I applied the formula as directed but all I ended up with was an itchy rash and a skin tag that was still growing.

I decided to take the plunge and ordered Dermatend!

Even though I would have to wait for a day or 2 to receive the product at my door, I figured that I could no longer avoid the Dermatend review testimonials that I had read. I was reading about a woman that had 3 skin tags for 2 years and like me had tried other products on the market to get rid of them. She was raving about this skin tag cream and how fast and painless it worked. I also figured that I didn’t have anything to lose since unlike the other products that I had tried; I would be provided with a money-back guarantee if for some reason I didn’t see the results that I wanted.

The company provides a 100% guarantee on the product and it is valid for 60 days. This means that I had nothing to lose by placing an order and everything to gain if this turned out to be the miracle product that I had read about.

Real about my personal experience with Dermatend!

When the product arrived, I looked through the instructions and then found out for myself just how easy it was to apply the cream. Dermatend is a brown, thick paste that you put onto your skin tag and then just let it sit there for about half an hour. The instructions said that I would see a scab forming and that the scab would fall off eventually – along with the tag!

I applied the cream and was extremely worried about developing another rash. Fortunately, the cream didn’t aggravate my skin. I was provided with some tiger healing balm that I decided to apply around the skin tag before putting on the brown paste. That may be why I didn’t get a rash this time, but to tell you the truth I think there was just something in the other over-the-counter skin tag product that was too aggravating for my sensitive skin.

Once I had waited for half an hour, I rinsed off the cream and saw that my skin was kind of red and swollen but not painful at all. The crusting started soon afterwards and then it took about a week for the tag to fall off completely. I was ecstatic! I just wish that I had trusted the Dermatend reviews sooner and hadn’t gone through the trouble of trying all of the useless products that didn’t do a thing for me.

Why I decided to write this Dermatend review

I know how horrible it can feel to walk around with a skin tag. It can be both embarrassing and painful at the same time! Even though it seems like such a simple health condition to handle, if you have a stubborn tag that you are working with, a lot of the common products out there are junk.

I just want to spread the news about this amazing intake remover so that I can help other people. You shouldn’t have to suffer any longer with a skin tag when there is an immediate solution that works right on the Internet for you. Try it for yourself! There is an effective way to get rid of a skin tag once and for all and for me the only product that made my life better was Dermatend.